Current Projects

Cyrrealism Show

Life is not always what we want or imagine.
However, what may seem like an unfortunate situation ends up offering new and beautiful paths. The solo show “Cyrrealism” speaks of how these paths get discovered and new doors can be opened.

The Cyr wheel is a metal ring consisting of separate pieces usually tightly screwed together and used in its solid and round form. Fenja uses her apparatus without the screws, which makes it wobbly and unstable, questioning perfection. Thus, her wheel becomes a totally different device: Sometimes strangely curved, sometimes agile like a snake, and sometimes disintegrated into its individual pieces. The wheel stands as a metaphor to highlight life’s imperfections, proposing new perspectives that result in beauty.

In Cyrrealism, a whole world will grow out of a single metal wheel. The simplicity and perfection of a single round ring will be questioned and deformed into complex, imperfect chaos.
One becomes many, round becomes buckled, clean becomes dirty and confined becomes free.
There will be mesmerizing calm moments, satisfying rhythms in movement, beautiful stunning technique and a poetic relationship between the object(s) and the performer.

Trailer    /   Teaser

Outside eye: Kim-Jomi Alstadsæter

Live Music and Composition: Flavia Escartin

Music Production: Maria Di Pace                                                                    

Costume: Loek Cruchten and Nastasja Jagodić                                                                    

Light Design: Edwin van Steenbergen