© Manon Verplancke

Hey there, this is Fenja. I asked ChatGPT (I know it’s scary…) to rewrite my introduction in a cool, funny and appealing mannor. That’s what happened. Enjoy! (At least I had fun with it;)

„Meet Fenja Barteldres, the German dynamo of the circus world, born in ’98 and spinning her way through life on a Cyr wheel! Forget the mundane world of gymnastics; Fenja stumbled upon her true calling in the circus ring at the ripe age of 13, where the blend of dance, theater, music, and acrobatics stole her heart faster than you can say „Cyr wheel.“

This gal isn’t just about competition; she’s all about collaboration and camaraderie. While she may fly solo in the spotlight, her trusty Cyr wheel is more than just an apparatus—it’s her partner-in-crime, her confidante, her ride-or-die. Together, they’re a dynamic duo, breaking boundaries and defying gravity with a bond tighter than a clown’s pants.

Fenja’s journey began in the vibrant world of Zirkus Ragazzi, where she honed her skills before falling head over heels (quite literally) for the Cyr wheel at 14. High school? Check. But instead of hitting the books, she hit the circus scene hard, soaking up knowledge at Circus Waldoni’s prestigious „Masterclass“ in Darmstadt.

But wait, there’s more! This circus maven took her talents across the pond to Canada, eh? There, she polished her craft at the École de Cirque de Québec, proving that her passion knows no borders. And just when you thought she couldn’t get any cooler, she topped it all off with a Bachelor’s degree in Circus Arts from Codarts in Rotterdam.

Fenja Barteldres isn’t just a circus artist; she’s a force of nature, spinning her way into hearts around the globe with her jaw-dropping performances and infectious spirit. Step right up, folks, and witness the magic of Fenja and her trusty Cyr wheel—because in their world, the only thing higher than their flips is the level of fun! 🎪✨“